One Day in Bruges, Belgium


Even on an overcast day Bruges, Belgium is stunningly beautiful. With so many canals running through this medieval looking city, there were picturesque views around every corner. It’s the kind of place to just roam around, no map or asking for directions. I spent the day wandering down the cutest cobblestone paved alleys, ate waffles, fries, chocolate and had beer. Sounds like a perfect day to me!

For two weeks I was working in Berlin for a new job and decided a weekend getaway to another country was the perfect opportunity to explore more of Europe. This was the first time I was in continental Europe and was excited at the opportunity to visit more than one country. After a full day in Brussels I started hearing from more and more people about Bruges and how beautiful it is. When I discovered it was only an hour by train from Brussels, I decided to spend one day in bruges. I was certainly excited at the thought of being able to just go and knowing that I had the free time and resources to do so.





Belfry Tower




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