Hike to Alamere Falls, Waterfall in Point Reyes

Alamere Falls

Travel for me is all about transformation, and I’m fascinated by those people who really do come back from a trip unrecognizable to themselves, and perhaps open to the same possibilities they’d have written off not a month before. -Pico Iyer

Travel transforms the soul. Each new experience changes my path and shapes me in ways I never would have dreamed. I see the way that travel has shaped my friends and family as well. Once that bug gets you, it creeps inside you. The travel bug itches, and it stays there waiting for release. Exploring, adventure, uncertainty, are all the desires I wish to fill my life with.

When I cannot hop on a plane and travel to a place that I have never seen before, I turn to short weekend adventures that get me through the work week. Tahoe is always a favorite but takes much more planning, so Mike and I drove up highway 1 to Point Reyes. Choosing to go around 10am on Super Bowl Sunday was a great, because the Palomarin trail was not very crowded. The California coastline is spectacular and Stinson Beach offers amazing views which should not be missed by any traveler to the Bay Area or resident.

As the car hugged the coastline road, excitement continued to grow within me. This was a hike I was eager to do the moment I heard about it. Alamere falls is a waterfall that drops down onto the beach. Yes, on the beach! Many choose to backpack to Wildcat Camp, which takes them to Alamere Falls on the way back. I’ll save that for another adventurous weekend. The terrain varied slightly from dirt trail and loose gravel but was relatively flat. The beginning of the hike follows the coast with the cliff on the left side dropping straight down to the beach. Repeatedly stating to Mike how beautiful it was, I decided fifteen minutes in that this is my favorite hike in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hand in hand we cherished the peacefully quiet moments on the trail while encountering a tiny caterpillar, which held on to Mike’s pants and a slimy banana slug.


Pelican Lake

Pelican Lake, Point Reyes

Alamere Falls trail


Upper Alamere Falls

Short clip of Alamere Falls and the beach

The hike is quite easy and about 7.5 miles out and back. The only difficult part was climbing down the cliff to the beach; it is sandy and a little hard to get stable footing. The waterfall split to create two beautiful falls, which dropped down about 40 feet. Mike and I wanted to eat lunch right next to it, but the tide was starting to come in so we climbed back up the cliff and ate lunch overlooking the ocean. It is a lovely place to spend a long afternoon embracing a loved one while listening to the waves continuously crash on the beach. We saw an older couple doing just that, and they looked like they were falling in love all over again at that very moment. It was sweet.

Alamere Falls

Alamere Falls

IMG_0233 copy


IMG_0272 copy

Climbing trees

My new favorite hike in the Bay Area.

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