Craughwell & Castle in Ireland – Co. Galway, Ireland

Before leaving for Galway to see the rest of my family, we walked over to The Black Apple Cafe, which Mike found and insisted we go. Turns out it was the best coffee I had while in Ireland and now my cousin Niall frequents it regularly, he had no idea it was so close to his house. The drive was a couple hours, and I’m pretty sure I slept most of the way but it was nice seeing the countryside when I occasionally woke up.  We arrived at my aunt Dolores’ home in Loughrea, County Galway. A quaint, beautiful town with a nice lake nearby and not far from Galway city. Most of the family arrived here several days before us. More family turned up and before you knew it we were gathered around the dinner table, getting a good meal before going to my cousin Sharon’s wedding reception. And guess who walks in at that very moment, my dad. Typical of him, but he told pretty much everyone that he was not going to be there for his mom’s 90th birthday. He sure did surprise us. The last time he was in Ireland was ten years ago for her 80th. After dinner we made our rounds visiting everyone, stopping at Granny’s in Craughwell and then getting a tour from my uncle Joe of Dunsandle Castle in Ireland near my family’s property.

Dunsandle Castle

Dunsandle Castle ~ 15th Century Castle near Athenry

Dunsandle Castle

Many generations of the Uniacke family have visited this castle, which is only down the road from my granny’s home.

Dunsandle Castle


Estate, Ireland

Overgrown Estate in Craughwell

That evening we went to quickly watch part of Luke’s hurling match and then on to my cousin’s wedding reception. Everyone engaged in dancing, singing, and throwing back a few drinks. It was a fun evening filled with celebration, laughter and joy.

Hurling, Ireland

My cousin, Luke, playing Hurling

Photo by Barry Fitzgerald

Photo by Barry Fitzgerald

Slow Dance

Photo by Barry Fitzgerald

The next day, Sunday, you would think we got around and saw a lot. But to be honest, we ended up bar hopping all day and evening. It was a great time. The next day we would go to the Aran Islands and hike to the top of Dún Aonghasa fort.

Countryside, Ireland

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