Coachella Valley Music Festival: Weekend 2

Coachella Crew at Sunset

The long anticipated Coachella Valley Music Festival weekend 2 trip finally arrived. A three-day festival in Indio, California which repeats two weekends in a row. Everyone had their own favorite artists they wanted to see. I was really along for the fun of a weekend away at a festival, but some of the big headliners were Phoenix, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Modest Mouse, Jurassic 5, the XX, and Blur. After finally receiving confirmation of my bachelor’s degree, it would be the perfect way to celebrate finishing college. Dancing in the desert with great friends. Six of us, four in one car and two in another car, made the drive to Palm Springs from San Francisco after work.

Carpooling is highly encouraged for this event and if you live in California, driving is generally cheaper than flying. Plus it can be fun to road trip with friends.The Desert Vacation Villas was a 35-40 minute shuttle ride from the event. We purchased a shuttle pass through the Coachella website, which made transportation to and from the event a breeze. We never had to wait too long for a shuttle. The shuttle and event staff at the festival were very friendly and accommodating. In all my experiences going to music festivals and concerts, the Coachella staff were by far the best. There were endless options for food. Although we were not allowed to bring any food in to the festival, we were pleased with the quality of food that the food trucks provided. With indoor and outdoor music tents, your options are certainly not limited. Mike and I spent an entire evening exploring stages that we had yet to visit and stumbled upon artists we had never heard before. It really is a diverse festival, with rock, electronic, Brit-pop, indie, reggae, and hip-hop.

Coachella Stage


Coachella Camp

Coachella Camp Grounds (on the left)

Coachell Crew

Coachella ferris wheel

Mojave Tent

Coachella at Sunset


Sahara Tent


Insider Tips:

  • Just buy the cold bottled water at the booths instead of waiting in long lines for lukewarm water at fill-up stations.
  • Pass on the food stands and go straight for the food trucks.
  • Bring a bandana or scarf! The sand and dirt get kicked up and it might be uncomfortable on your way out of the festival.
  • If you forget your sunscreen, just check the locker area. The people working the booth had bottles of sunscreen out for anyone to use.

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