Join me at Wanderlust 108!


Have you heard of Wanderlust or Wanderlust 108? Basically it’s an all day yoga festival, mixed in with a ton of fun activities like slacklining, aerial yoga, hooping and more. This May I will be attending my first event put on by the Wanderlust team. The Wanderlust 108 event will combine a 5k run, yoga session and meditation. It is a great way to explore new types of activities while joining a new community. There does not seem to be too many other yoga events going on in the San Francisco Bay Area. I would love to hear about more if you know of any!

Why am I choosing to wake up early, lace up my running shoes, hit the mat for a yoga session (plus dance party!), then meditate after all that? Well, because my mind and body deserves it and so does yours! Plus who wouldn’t want to have a dance party in their yoga pants!? I believe that life is best lived when connecting. I am excited to connect with others that share a similar passion for testing the limits while also making time for self reflection. This event couldn’t have come at a more perfect time as I try to reincorporate yoga and personal wellness into my life. I know it makes me happy and that is why I always choose to make time for myself everyday, whether it is a 30 minute meditation, lifting heavy weights or going for a run.

If you are at all curious about the Wanderlust events, I encourage you to go and join me at Wanderlust 108 in Sacramento!

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