January Fitness Review


January fitness review is here! I had 3 late cancellations, which was much more than I ever hoped. However I managed to try a few new places like Mint Studios, Barry’s Bootcamp, Brooklyn Academy Roots, and Burn Pilates. For the month I focused on running a bit more than previous months in order to prepare for the Folsom Sweet Water Trail 10k race. For the month of February I plan to increase my mileage again and try a couple self defense classes.

January 9 – February 8

Number of classes taken: 18

Number of studios visited: 14

Number of classes missed or late cancelled: 3

Ran: 28.15 miles

January Favorite’s

Class: Deep Flow at Flying Studios

New Studio: Mint Studios and Barry’s Bootcamp

ClassPass Workouts – San Francisco

Athletic Playground – Aerial Skills (Level 1)

CorePower Yoga – CorePower Yoga 1

Flagship APC – F Fit x 3

Satori Yoga Studio – Vinyasa Flow

Symmetry Health Center – Power Plate

Power Plate was… interesting! Power Plate is an exercise machine that uses vibration technology.

Burn Pilates – Total Body Burn

Total Body Burn was a great workout featuring a combination of pilates, cardio and weights. I left feeling that I worked out every major muscle group.

Mint Studios – Cardio Reformer

Brooklyn Academy Roots – Sweat It Out Yoga

Flying Studios – 1. Deep Flow 2. Flow 3. Happy Hour Flow

RowClub – RowClub

Barry’s Bootcamp – Arms & Abs

Many months ago I started to hear about the Barry’s Bootcamp fanatics, and I have to say that I had no idea what to expect when I went there. All I knew was that there were treadmills. Little did I know that this workout took me to a whole new level of sweat and sprints! I’m not sure about you, but whenever I would run on a treadmill at the gym I typically ran at 4.5 – 5 MPH. Barry’s Bootcamp pushes you to stretch your limit often running at 7- 9 MPH. The first time I got to the minimum pace I thought to myself that there was no way I could sprint any faster. But then the adrenaline gets pumping and you see people to your left and right sprinting with every ounce of energy they have in them. I have to say that while I was at first skeptical, I left that studio feeling like I pushed myself more than I had in the past 6 months.

Pilates ProWorks – 40Works Pilates

Truve – Suspension Sculpt

Wheel House – WH Rhythm

Other Workouts

Folsom Lake Sweet Water Trail Run – 10k race

The Folsom Lake Sweet Water Trail was a busy 10k run! It was a single person trail and with the recent rain, it was a muddy run. While my time was not what I would’ve hoped, it was great to get out of the Bay Area and run some place new. One we reached the turnaround point the trail was more spaced out and allowed for the opportunity to pass people.

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