5 Favorite San Francisco FiDi Workouts


Making workouts a priority are already enough of a challenge, but getting away at lunch time is true dedication. Previously I would go for lunchtime runs or a walk, but that often meant returning to work without the opportunity to take a post-workout shower. Working in downtown San Francisco has it’s perks to the number of quick lunchtime workouts available. Since joining ClassPass I committed to one lunch workout a week which is a pretty decent compromise. Below are my current 5 favorite San Francisco FiDi workouts, combining strength training, cardio, yoga and toning.

5 Favorite San Francisco FiDi Workouts

  1. F Fit – toughest 45min workout, strength training and a guaranteed sweat session
  2. Dailey Method – 45min minimal sweat but shaking guaranteed
  3. Ritual Yoga – 50min of sweaty, fast flowing yoga
  4. Barre Pro  – 45min toning workout sure to leave you shaking
  5. Wheel House Smart Rhythm Express – 30min spin and strength training

What are some of your favorite lunchtime workouts?

Disclaimer: I receive free ClassPass items and other fun perks as a ClassPass Ambassador, but my views and opinions are my own.

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