Big Basin Redwoods: Waterfall Loop Hike

Flower by the Falls

The beauty that can be found in California’s oldest State Park brings Bay Area residents and nature admirers from all over. The giant redwoods reach higher than the eyes can see in Big Basin Redwoods State Park. The park has over 80 miles of trails, numerous dramatic waterfalls, a variety of animals, birds and environments. Camping, backpacking, hiking, biking, and horseback riding are some of the main features of this captivating park. Activities are also hosted by the park headquarters.

Skyline to the Sea Trail

On a cool, foggy and misty morning, Mike and I set out to conquer the 11 mile (strenuous) Berry Creek Falls loop hike. I was determined to do this hike regardless of the chance of rain and not only because it is on my goal list for this year. Training for a half marathon has not been easy, and I thought hiking long distance would help give me that push to run farther than 6 miles during the week. Nearly a week after the 11 mile hike my body is still recovering from the steep inclines and long distance.

Warning Sign

Foggy Redwood Trail

Foggy Trail

Turkey Tail Fungus

Turkey Tail Fungus (Medicinal Mushroom used in Chinese Medicine)

Redwood Sorrel

Redwood Sorrel

Trail to Berry Creek Falls

Berry Creek Falls

Berry Creek Falls

Silver Falls


Golden Falls

Golden Falls

Frosty Plant

Hanging Moss

Banana Slug

The first of over twenty banana slugs we encountered along the trail.

Orange Peel Fungus

Orange Peel Fungus

Steph and Mike at Big Basin

Sweaty, hungry, but satisfied with our 5 hour hike, we drove straight to Boulder Creek Brewery for burgers and beers.

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