The Summer Palace – Beijing, China

I woke up with a cold which made it difficult to be motivated for our day ahead. All throughout breakfast I was questioning whether or not I felt well enough to go on a full day tour of the Ming Tombs and Mutianyu, a less crowded part of the restored Great Wall. It turned out that our guide was the same as when we went to the Forbidden City. We decided that it would be best to skip out on that tour and try to reschedule it with a different company, because we did not want another tour with “shopping stops”.
Brenda, Mike and I chose to visit the Summer Palace. It was a hot and beautiful day. As we walked to the palace vendors were selling toasted walnuts and sweet potatoes, which were delicious. We leisurely walked to the top of the palace and around the grounds.
sweet potatoes

I originally wanted this blog to be completely my own, even pictures. Mike took so many great photos, I thought it would be special to have this blog be something we can share. He does take photos for a living, so it makes sense too. Here are some beautiful shots he captured of the Summer Palace.

09-19-2012 - Beijing00109-19-2012 - Beijing008Summer Palace 09-19-2012 - Beijing029 09-19-2012 - Beijing032

Dragon Lady's Ship

Summer Palace CourtyardWe sat near the lake for an hour and ate steamed pork buns. To get a spectacular view of the Summer Palace, ride the dragon boat on the man-made lake which was built for the emperor. We ventured to the Silk Market to browse and search for backpacking packs. It was crowded and retailers yelled to get our attention to buy dresses, handbags, shirts and more.After returning to the hotel we had sushi and sake before calling it an early night.

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