Beijing, China – Day 1

I set out to Beijing with my boyfriend, Mike, at 5am on September 11th, 2012. After 20hrs of traveling by bus, BART, two planes, and more subway trains, we arrived in Beijing! We reached Souzhoujie and checked into the hotel that Brenda and Chris live in. Our room was beautiful, it was a loft style room with nearly floor to ceiling windows overlooking the mountain ranges and outskirts of Haidian. You can see on the map below that we were located about 45 minutes from the Forbidden City, which is also the city center.


Mike, his aunt Brenda and I waited for his uncle Chris to get off work. We met their friend Soul, who became a good friend of ours during our stay, and walked to have dinner at a Szechuan restaurant. Chris, Brenda, and Soul were quick to order píjiǔ (beer) and báijiǔ (rice wine). Mike and I loved the Szechuan peppercorns in the sautéed green beans; the spiciness made your mouth tingle! After saying “gānbēi (cheers)” so many times, we took the rest of the báijiǔ home. Full of drinks and food, we were ready for bed.

  • Yummm, I wanna try those sauteed green beans. Love how you start a great adventure with a good meal and beer/wine ;0)

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