8 Things to do in Brussels, Belgium

While on a two week work trip to Berlin, I thought it would be fun to plan a weekend trip to Belgium. After all, I love Belgian beer and any chance to see another country. I booked a cheap flight for only approximately $40 leaving very early on a Saturday morning and returning late Sunday evening the next day. It was so worth it!

Even though it was extremely hot weather, I spent time exploring and walking around the city. Occasionally stopping in to the many churches in order to see the beautiful architecture and to cool down. Even though my trip to Brussels was only one full day, it was a success.

8 Things to do in Brussels

  1. Walk around town in the morning and watch the city wake up.

  2. Stop for Belgian waffles and coffee.

  3. Wander into as many churches as you can find.

  4. Go to some of the many chocolate shops.

  5. Visit the Grand Place and enjoy more coffee.

  6. Check out the Royal Museums of Fine Arts Belgium to see Bruegel and Bosch’s work.

  7. Dine outside and eat a huge bowl of mussels and frites at Chez Leon.

  8. Visit Delirium Café to try some Belgian beer. They have over 2,000 types of beer here!





Grand Place, Brussels



Royal Museums of Fine Arts Belgium




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