How to Stay Fit While Traveling

You’ve got a great fitness routine going when you are at home. You wake up, maybe go for a run or catch a lunchtime spin class. When it’s time for the much needed getaway, don’t let your vacation stop you from breaking your routine. In the past I have certainly been guilty of doing just that, but now think it is essential to focus on how to stay fit while traveling. After putting more thought into how I can be sure to incorporate fitness while traveling, I realized how many resources there are and how easy it can be.

 Workout essentials running fall

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  1. Use the gym at your hotel. A lot of hotels offer gym passes or classes for a fee. They even will offer yoga, spin and other classes. Warmer destination locations may even have sunrise yoga on the beach. Yes please!
  2. Take a fitness class nearby. There are often gym classes in the area that you’re visiting. It is certainly worth doing a quick search. As soon as I have booked all my travel, I look for fitness classes nearby to attend. If you’re a ClassPass member, you can take your membership on the road with you and use the “flex location” option to select classes in any of their participating cities.
  3. Explore the area! Get outdoors and go for a walk or a jog. It’s a great way to get familiar with the area and see new sights. Earlier this year when I traveled to Ireland for two weeks, I went out for regular runs and walks. I loved being able to take my time and see parts of Galway I had not seen before.
  4. Take your gym on the road. Grab a jump rope and some resistance bands. You can create a variety of workouts in your own room using those or simply watch your favorite workout on youtube. One of my favorites is this Yoga Flow Sequence.

What are some ways you stay fit on the road? Comment below!

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