Yosemite Winter Weekend

Yosemite National Park is already a very beautiful and magical place. A Yosemite winter is even more incredible. Over a three day weekend I took the opportunity with my husband and friends to spend some time camping. It was the perfect transition from fall to winter in Yosemite. We started out exploring the valley as we tried to locate the starting point of Four Mile Trail to Glacier Point. As we hiked along the trail, we could see El Capitan and Half Dome from different vantage points on our way up. Once it started to get really icy on the trail, we found a perfect patch of sun with an incredible view of the valley and El Cap. I took a seat on the warm rocks that hugged the side of the mountain. With friends along my side, we talked and took a few quiet moments to take the scene all in. Sitting there, so small in such a beautiful place, I realized this would be a place of pilgrimage throughout my life.


Jacket: Lucy Daily Zen Down Jacket | Leggings: Lucy Right Track Run Tight | Top: Lucy Dashing Stripes











  • Anne

    Gorgeous photos!! Was there in the fall for the first time and now looking forward to going back during winter 🙂

    • Stephanie Uniacke

      Thanks! I loved being there during the winter. I’m hoping to go back this spring.

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