It’s been almost two weeks since I finished college. Surprisingly, I am struggling with my feelings about being done with school. I should feel liberated, ecstatic and confident about the future. Instead, I find myself daydreaming about traveling around the world.Loughrea Church

My priorities have turned to working on my goals and planning trips. I started running again in order to train for a half marathon race in June. Reading The Lost Girls is keeping me preoccupied on my morning commute and also contributing to my desire to travel. Mike and I are planning to attend Coachella Music Festival in three weeks, where we will dance in the desert with our very good friends. In May, we will take a short weekend trip to New York City to visit one of my best friends who moved there just over a year ago. Also, our tickets to Ireland have been booked for July! There was a significant price drop in one day, so I couldn’t waste any time. The same day we booked our flights, I had half of our accommodation planned and day trips from Dublin figured out. It’s always exciting planning new adventures, but now it is time to figure out what’s next for me.

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