Brand New.

The last blog I had was from high school, which mostly covered my trials and tribulations. This new blog is for sharing, celebrating and cherishing newly created memories. There is no better way to reflect on recently made memories then by compiling everything in one place. Over the past few years I have become excited about planning and setting out on new adventures, ones that I never thought I would accomplish in my life. Although it is getting close to the end of 2012, I am anxious to share a few experiences that happened over the past few months. Welcome, and enjoy!

  • Jennifer

    What a great idea! Looking forward to reading more about your special moments and experiences 🙂

  • Love it! Congrats on the blog! Enjoying reading about your trip and seeing all of your photos!

  • Life is all about new adventures and creating memories right? It`s really nice to read your blog and see that you`re living life to it`s fullest potential. Thanks for your likes on my blog, keep travelling and having fun 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I really enjoy reading yours as well.

  • Enjoy your adventuring, near and far. I think I’m going to borrow your 24 before 25 idea for a list of things to aim for this year…. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Thanks also for stopping by and liking a post on


    • I’m so happy to inspire you to create a similar list! I was inspired to do the 24 before 25 from another blogger. Looking forward to more great posts.


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