24 Before 25

The New Year brings about a time for reflection and goal setting for self-improvement. Instead of figuring out how to make this year better than the last, I want to focus on achieving new goals while improving all aspects of my life. While I have a lot of financial goals this year, I will focus on that separately. My other aspirations will be comprised in a list of 24 things I want to accomplish, do, see or make progress towards by the time I turn 25 in November. This was inspired by my mom’s “50 After 50”. She created a list of things she wanted to do and learn either before or after she celebrated her 50th birthday this past October, in which my sister and I threw a memorable surprise party where we incorporated her “bucket list” theme.

I am already evaluating the year to make time to accomplish these goals, because it’s important to be realistic. I’m also completing my undergraduate degree in a few months, so I will have so much more time on my hands. Upon review of my 2012 goals, I realized that I accomplished a lot. I hiked in Yosemite, became a certified SCUBA diver and traveled to China. I also thought that I was going to run a half marathon last year, but I never ended up doing it. The items on this list will help me reach larger goals of being more active, channeling my creativity, seeing new places and expanding my knowledge and skills. Less than two weeks into the new year I am already making progress.

Here it is, my 24 before 25!

  1. Bake my 1st pie from scratch with my mom
  2. Visit the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland
  3. Mountain Bike in Santa Cruz
  4. Become certified in First Aid, CPR/AED
  5. Receive my Bachelors degree
  6. Hike Waterfall Loop, Big Basin
  7. Cycle 20 miles in Livermore
  8. 7-mile drive in Carmel
  9. Backpack the Pine Ridge Trail, Big Sur
  10. Learn more conversational Mandarin
  11. Volunteer once a month
  12. Practice photography
  13. Hike to Alamere Falls, Point Reyes
  14. Visit Pinnacles National Park
  15. Attend Coachella Music Festival
  16. Spend more time reading books
  17. Girl’s trip/day trip
  18. Try a Pinterest project
  19. Keep cooking
  20. Create a photo book
  21. Learn about grant writing
  22. Complete a race (10k, half marathon, duathlon)
  23. Explore certification programs or take the GMAT
  24. Create a mini garden

It is a lengthy list. I know if I work on them little by little, I will be able to accomplish most of my goals.

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