Fitness Recap – November

Here is my fitness recap for November! This month I was sick for about a week, so I got off track quite a bit. I was a little disappointed because I was doing good at getting more miles in running. Deciding to take life a little bit slower to focus on my mind and body, I took more yoga classes and focused on less high intensity workouts. Given I begin to set my intentions for the new year a little early, I ordered 52 Small Changes for the Mind. It seemed like the perfect way to learn about minimizing stress during this hectic time of year, boosting happiness and productivity. It allows you to make one small change each week to make progress for the entire year.

Classes are tracked starting on the 8th of each month when my ClassPass membership renews. Vinyasa yoga at Moksha Life Center with Michele was my favorite new class of the month, as there were many twists and heart opening poses that were focused on. Flow+ at Flying Studios was another favorite since I attended during their community yoga session. The class was completely full and offered a challenging and sweaty session. This next month I’ll be heading to New York City for a week, and I am excited to try a few classes there recommended by a ClassPass member living there. I can’t wait!

November 8 – December 7

Number of classes taken: 13

Number of studios visited: 11

Number of classes missed or late cancelled: 1

Ran: 22.5 miles

ClassPass Workouts

Truve -Tires, Ropes, Bands, Balls

Flagship Crossfit -F Fit

The Dailey Method -Dailey Mixed

Yoga Alameda -Vinyasa All Levels

Wheel House -WH Rhythm

Moksha Life Center  -Vinyasa All Levels (really enjoyed this class with Michele) x2

bodyFi -Studio: Kettlebells

Satori Yoga Studio -Yoga Nidra Meditation

Ritual Hot Yoga -Hot Yoga

Flying Studios 1. Flow+   2. TRX

Pilates ProWorks  – 40Works Pilates


Other Workouts

Yoga with AdrienneEase Into It (Yoga)

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