Fitness Recap – December

Fitness Recap december

Wow – it’s already 2016! This past month was packed with wrapping up work projects before the New Year and getting ready for the holidays. I was especially excited to fit in a few classes that I had always wanted to try. I spent the last week of the month in New York City eating lots of food and exploring every place I had time for. I even managed to fit in two classes there!

December 9 – January 8

Number of classes taken: 18

Number of studios visited: 12

Number of classes missed or late cancelled: 1

Ran: 22.4 miles

ClassPass Workouts – San Francisco

Flagship Crossfit -F Fit x3

The Dailey Method – 1. Dailey Mixed   2. Dailey Express

Ritual Hot Yoga -Hot Yoga

Satori Yoga Studio -Vinyasa Flow x3

FlyBarre – FlyBarre 60

Pilates ProWorks  – Pilates Pro

Active Sports Club (Oakland) – Gym Time

Flying Studios – Flow

Wheel House -WH Rhythm x2

RowClub -RowCamp

ClassPass Workouts – New York City

Bar Method (Brooklyn) – Mixed Level

Y7 Studio (Williamsburg) – WeFlowHard Vinyasa Yoga


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