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I am very excited to announce that I am joining the ClassPass Ambassador team! ClassPass partners with fitness studios to offer a monthly membership with access to all their partners. You can visit each studio up to three times a month. Ever since I was first introduced to ClassPass, I was hooked. Growing up being involved in everything from ballet, tap dance, gymnastics, basketball, running, going to a regular gym was never really for me. I tried many times but often found myself unmotivated and not sure what to do besides run on the treadmill. Committing to the same type of workout has always been a challenge for me too. Two years ago I ran my first half marathon, where all I did was run to train for it. The following year Crossfit was my new addiction. The truth is, I needed variety in my workouts and when I found ClassPass I fully embraced it. Now my fitness routine involves: yoga, running, spin, barre, pilates, kickboxing, strength training. This year my goal is to step outside my comfort zone and try dance classes and some form of martial arts/self-defense.

ClassPass to me means never having an excuse to make fitness a priority in your life. It has helped keep me accountable to make time for myself everyday. Most importantly I am reminded that not only is it good for my health but also well-being. As a ClassPass ambassador, I hope to inspire others to make their health and well-being a priority in their lives. ClassPass is a great resource to do so.

Get access to unlimited studios in your area by joining ClassPass. New members will get $25 off their first month.

Disclaimer: I receive free ClassPass items and other fun perks as a ClassPass Ambassador, but my views and opinions are my own.

  • Kayla

    Congratulations on becoming a ClassPass Ambassador! I loved your blog post. I actually just applied to become an ambassador as well, and I’m very excited as I’m a ClassPass addict. I have recently started a blog of my own about fitness studios, working out, and maintaining a balanced life. Do you have any tips for growing my blog site and social media accounts? If interested, my webpage is Thanks!!

    • Thanks, Kayla! Looks great! My tips would be to post regularly and use google analytics for your blog to get insight into your audience.

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