Outside My Comfort Zone- Baking a Pie

Baking Pie

My interest in cooking and baking developed while living with one of my friends. Although, it did not start out as an interest. It was more of a challenge. I was encouraged to cook from scratch and try baking more than just chocolate chip cookies. Making only what I knew has kept me in my comfort zone. It’s easy to get frustrated when something does not turn out right. After cooking numerous batches of cookies, making peppermint bark cookies (I keep getting requests for more of these), and raspberry squares, it was time to attempt something I’ve never made before, a pie from scratch. Sticking with the classics I chose to make an apple pie. However, all these worries ran through my mind. Where would I find the best recipe for my first attempt? Should I buy extra ingredients in case I fail miserably?

Luckily, my mother and sister both agreed to aid me in the process. It was a perfect way to spend a Sunday. Especially the afternoon before New Year’s Eve, where we could share the pies with friends. My friend has an America’s Test Kitchen Complete cookbook and baking book, which I chose for my project. I turn to it often when I want to cook a classic dish or dessert.

After spending hours in the kitchen, gently kneading and rolling dough our pies were complete! My mom took one home. The hardest part turned out to be the wait to try it, and it was better than imagined. Still feeling ambitious, I made apple streusel muffins with the leftover apples.

And there we have it, one goal down, twenty-three more to go! I’m looking forward to stepping out of the box and trying more new recipes.

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