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The “Wild” Wall Part II, China – Day 5

Overnight on the Great Wall of China

We did not get a full night’s sleep. It was a combination of lying on the uncomfortable ground, the sleeping Read More →

The “Wild” Wall, Backpacking the Great Wall of China

This day was filled with excitement and so many other emotions. Chris left for Suzhou with his work and the Read More →

Biking Beijing & Snack Street – Day 3

My legs were definitely sore when I woke up in the morning on our third day. I believe we slept Read More →

Visiting the Ancient Village Cuandixia, China

Waking up to the sun peaking through the large windows in our room was the greatest feeling. I was tired, Read More →

Beijing, China – Day 1


I set out to Beijing with my boyfriend, Mike, at 5am on September 11th, 2012. After 20hrs of traveling by Read More →