New Year, No New Goal List


This is the first time in a long time that I have felt so unprepared for the year ahead. I tried to start on my new goals before 2013 even ended. And by new goals, I mean one goal. It kind of hit me a few days before my 25th birthday…I was not as athletic as I wanted to be. Sure I ran a half marathon earlier that year and semi-regularly hit the gym, but I got bored with running and fell off my routine. I decided I want to work on maintaing a level of fitness so that I could go on a 10-20 mile hike without struggling too much or try a new activity with ease. I did just that, I joined a Crossfit gym in Oakland and a few weeks later tried surfing for the first time. I coordinated a few family outings to hike in parts of San Francisco that we do not often go to. While I have been continuing to go to Crossfit classes 3-4, even sometimes 5 times a week, I still have not figured out what other goals I want to accomplish this year. I know that I want to try new activities and incorporate fitness even more into my life. As far as everything else goes, I’m taking a new approach. Instead of writing down my goals for the entire year, I am keeping track of my accomplishments each month. I am also creating short tasks list during that month so I have new things to work on. If I don’t complete them, then it will rollover to the next month or come off the list. I feel like that is a better way of measuring success throughout the year.

As far a travel for this year, we hope to make it to Yosemite again and do weekend trips hiking/camping/backpacking. More recently Mike and I have started turning our dream of going to Peru and hiking to Machu Picchu a reality. Vacation requests have been submitted! 🙂

  • It’s so exciting to begin a new year with no expectations! Sometimes we forget that everyday life is an adventure in and of itself, especially when we’re surrounded by stories of faraway places. Also cool that you tried surfing. I’m from Hawaii but have only done it twice. It’s now my life goal to get better at it to redeem my Hawaii cred.


    • justcherished

      Right Keane, it is easy to forget! If you ever want to try surfing let me know! I need lots of practice.

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